Hampshire Business Networking brings together the dynamic and thriving community of entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners from across Hampshire. Here’s what our members have to say about our meetings and membership.

Such a fantastic way to network. The ice breaker and breakout sessions are really interesting and engaging. I have already got so much from the group despite only having been a member for a short period of time. I look forward to the meetings and always come away feeling encouraged, engaged and energised.

Hannah Witt

My Invoice

HBN is a welcoming, friendly group with a strong ethos of support, collaboration and building lasting connections. I’ve met so many fabulous people since joining and look forward to the meetings every time. The charity focus is another huge plus. I would absolutely recommend HBN to anyone wanting to expand their circle of contacts.

Kate Houldsworth

KH Nutrition Coaching

HBN was my first foray into networking as a newly set up small new business. From the get-go, I found it to be hugely welcoming, friendly and warm…the perfect environment to have all kinds of conversations. A fantastic and unexpected benefit was that I also found my new work family. I have been given some amazing introductions and I have also been able to do the same for others. There is no pressure…it just happens. A truly wonderful group.

Christina Dolding

The Colleague and Customer Experience Company

HBN is a great networking club. I have made some excellent connections both personally and professionally. The meetings are really different to a lot of other networking groups. I always come away refreshed and reinvigorated ready to start working on my business again.

Sarah Whitemore

Warner Goodman

I have been a member for only a few months but I am very impressed with the way the group is setup and run. The opportunities for networking in Hampshire, Southampton, Winchester and Basingstoke is great particularly as we are free to attend any group. The Net walking is unusual and great fun. Even though I am yet to attend, the collaboration club is also a great idea. Highly recommend the group very friendly people and released.

Philip Gilkes

Kingstar Services Ltd

A fantastic and friendly group. Since my first meeting I’ve always been made to feel welcome. The meetings always have a good environment and energy, with great conversation and useful tips and idea sharing. A nicer networking group you’ll never meet.

Jon Whettingsteel

Dutton Gregory Solicitors

Hampshire Business Networking is a great networking group. The members are a great bunch of people, always professional and supportive. I've been to quite a few networking meetings in my 16 years running my own business and I have to say Hampshire Business Networking is one of the best.

Tom Perkins

Evolve Websites

As someone who attended our first meeting in 2019; I am absolutely delighted with HBN's growth and success. Personally, I have met loads of lovely people and many of them are now friends and not just valuable networking colleagues. Additionally, our business have gained many clients through the personal recommendations but this really is just a bonus and secondary to the camaraderie.

Keith Douglas

County Douglas Law

When a set up my most recent business, Experience Hampshire, a couple of years ago, I wanted to get out and spread the word about it to other local businesses to see if there were ways that we might work together for the benefit of us all. There are many networking groups across the county but, having visited a few, the Hampshire Business Networking group seemed to provide the almost perfect mix of quality networking, friendship and connections. Rather than focussing too much on those attending making ‘forced’ referrals, business between members seemed to flow naturally, generating worthwhile, longer-term collaborations.

Roger Walker

Experience Hampshire

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