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Building connections in Winchester

Hampshire Business Networking began in Winchester and it remains our highest attended event across the county. Many, if not all, of our members have attending a meeting in Winchester. The quality of conversations and opportunity to build genuine connections means many of our visitors join as a member following their first visit. Seasoned networkers and networking beginners will always receive a warm welcome (and a tasty breakfast!)

Where Are Hampshire Business Networking Meetings in Winchester?

For many years we have held our monthly meetings at regular venues such as the Holiday Inn at Winchester. Prompted by one of our open discussions on how we could raise more funds to support out local charities, we identified an opportunity to rotate the venue each month. Where possible, we will host our Winchester meeting in a space provided by one of our members. The cost we would normally pay to a venue for room hire can then go into our fundraising pot. When you book your place to attend, the location will always be clearly indicated, and we provide additional information regarding parking on our confirmation emails.

What to Expect

The success of our networking meetings lies in our signature format. You’ll be welcomed by our members on arrival. There will be plenty of tea and coffee as well as a delightful and wholesome breakfast. Our host for the meeting will kick start introductions with an ice breaker question, shortly followed by guest presentations. We also keep the conversations flowing with a posed question to share ideas on a common challenge.

We appreciate the time you take out of your day so always end on time (unless you choose to carry on networking of course!)

How to Book

Winchester meetings take place on the second Friday of the month. Tickets to all our in-person meetings are managed by Experience Hampshire. Follow this link and you’ll be taken directly to the page to book onto our Winchester meetings. There is a fee to attend, however if you are a charity worker there are complimentary spaces available to you. Members of Hampshire Business Networking receive a £9 saving on the cost of every meeting they attend. We look forward to welcoming you to our Winchester meetings!

Connect at our next Winchester meeting

Looking to attend a networking meeting that’s more “conversations building relationships” than “pitches seeking referrals”? Join a Hampshire Business Networking meeting this month!

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